AClog to QSOMAP API Client Program

Download Instructions (For PCs)

  1. Un-Zip the downloaded file "" to folder of your choice
  2. Execute the downloaded program "Setup.exe" -- You will only run Setup.exe once.
  3. Windows Defender may say "Windows protected your PC". Click on More Info and then click on Run Anyway
  4. For following executions, run the EventDrivenTCPAPIExampleExpress program that has now been installed on your PC
  5. A window will open where you can enter your Call Sign and press a Connect Button.
  6. BEFORE clicking on Connect, start your AClog Program. (You are connecting to your AClog program)
  7. In AClog, click on Settings, then Application Program Interface (API)
  8. On the top half of the screen, make sure the port is 1100, then check the box: TCP API Enabled (Server) then click DONE
  9. Now, click the Connect Button (making sure you entered your Call Sign at the top of the window). After it says, "Connected" you can minimize the window
  10. Try entering calls in the log and then check to see if those calls are appearing on your QSOMAP map(s).
Questions, or problems? email N9MS.